A testament to the healing, transformative power of music, Dream Alchemy, was founded by long time friends Stephen Tarsitano and Maria Mazzola in 2011 in the wake of tragedy.   The song that started it all, “Awaken,” was written from the unique perspective of Maria’s late sister, Laura, who passed away five years after high school. Maria and Steve hoped the song would help others cope and find peace like it did them. Months after the single was released, serendipitously, Maria was put into contact with a woman who lost her daughter, and was filming a documentary on eating disorders, grief, and loss.  She loved the song “Awaken” and decided to feature it during the rolling credits of the nationally publicized documentary Someday Melissa.

      Dream Alchemy, based out of Morristown, N.J. , is a mix of folk, singer-songwriter, and alternative rock and consists of guitarist and vocalist Stephen Tarsitano, pianist and vocalist Maria Mazzola, and drummer Kevin Sullivan. All three members are teachers, with Maria, voice and piano teacher and past singer for Tokyo Disney and Disney Cruise Line, bringing her musical expertise and classically trained voice, Steve, Department Chair of English at Pompton Lakes High School leading the songwriting, and Kevin, art teacher, adding his understated artistic flair. The music, which blends facets of their own life experiences with elements of magical realism, is complex, smart, and artfully crafted.

         Still in its infancy as a band, Dream Alchemy is already generating a buzz in Manhattan and Northern New Jersey.  They have played festivals and venues like Tammany Hall and Ella Lounge, forming a lasting relationship with Turnstyle Booking, and building a grassroots following.  Their first EP “Awaken,” is on iTunes, Bandcamp, and can also be found on their website at  The band is currently in the process of recording its second full-length album and working to connect with a charity to continue to inspire and help others through their music.